Rare cased silver egg timing machine by R& S Garrard & Co. (London, 1889)

Dimensions 6.00cm wide   14.80cm high   6.60cm deep
(2.36 inches wide  5.83 inches high  2.60 inches deep)

9.70cm external width   16.10cm external height   10.40cm external depth
(3.82 inches external width  6.34 inches external height  4.09 inches external depth)


6.21 Troy Ounces (193.13 grams)


An extremely fine and rare cased silver egg timing machine made by R& S Garrard & Co. and fully hallmarked for London 1889.
The bell at the base of the machine is silver plated metal (to provide the 'ting' noise. Silver of this size would not produce a satisfactory ring).
The timer is started by first selecting the desired time, using the hinged pointer on the fan-shaped engraved scale. The range is from 2 minutes to 4 minutes, with additional marks at the half minute intervals. The circular 'hammer' is then raised until the glass egg timer is inverted. At this point, sand starts to run from the upper glass bulb to the lower. When the centre of gravity moves past the fulcrum, the whole assembly tips over and the hammer strikes the bell, letting you know the eggs are cooked. The remaining sand must then be allowed to run from the (now) upper chamber of the timer into the lower one before another timing sequence can be undertaken.

Although one of the most over-engineered and complicated designs we have ever seen, it actually works very well. One is reminded of the designs by Heath Robinson.

In recent testing, we obtained the following times from each of the win settings.
4 minutes setting : 3.45
3 minutes " : 3.01
2 minutes " : 2.08




Superb, original condition contained within its original fitted case. The original glass egg timer at the heart of the machine is also totally original.
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