Fine silver Snake cigar lighter with antelope horn body Joseph Braham (London, 1901)

Dimensions 58.00cm wide   10.50cm high   7.60cm deep
(22.83 inches wide  4.13 inches high  2.99 inches deep)


Fine early 20th Century novelty silver cigar lighter in the form of a large Snake with original red glass eyes and an antelope horn tail. Fully hallmarked sterling silver with marks for London 1901 and maker's marks for Joseph Braham.
The lighter would have been filled with methylated spirits. This would be done by unscrewing the ball that holds the wick from the mouth of the snake.
(PLEASE NOTE: it is the responsibility of any future purchaser to ensure that they research the correct method of fuelling and operating this device, should they wish to use it. We can offer no advice nor accept any responsibility for the safe operation of this lighter.)




Excellent condition throughout. Both silver body and horn tail and undamaged and unrestored. The red glass eyes are original and undamaged.
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