Castle-top swing-handled basket Abbotsford, Taylor & Perry (Birmingham, 1837)

Dimensions   4.50cm high
(  1.77 inches high)

13.00cm diameter
( 5.12 inches in diameter)   9.00cm external height
(  3.54 inches external height)


3.30 Troy Ounces (102.63 grams)


An early Victorian "castle-top", swing, handled basket on 4 feet. The centre of the base of the dish features a low-relief image of Abbotsford House, originally the home of Sir Walter Scot. The basket was hallmarked in Birmingham in 1837 and was made by the firm of Taylor & Perry.




Fine, overall condition. Clear marks although we can't find a lion passant or a duty mark. There is a join at the half-way point in the underside of the handle. We believe this indicates that it was made in to sections but it is possible that a break occurred at some point and was repaired.
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